Week 4 done!

A few students chopping vegetables to make a delicious couscous.

The fourth week of class is now done and the course is flowing smoothly and generating excitement. The students are engaged and curious to begin new adventures. While the journey and learning are a work in progress for all of us, the expectations for the weeks to come are increasing. For an instructor it is rewarding and illuminating to witness this virtual trip into Italian gastronomic culture over time, from the Middle Ages to nowadays, with the students looking forward to having an hands-on experience in a small kitchen of a Residence Hall where sometimes it is too hot and limited to even reason. However, if you love to cook and learn, any place is large and welcoming enough to share intense moments of learning and, frequently, of fun. Because yes, learning is fun! And we all already look forward to next week,a week five that already signifies that one third of the semester has simply flown by! Thank you, students, for being a part of this. Thank you, Dean, for being one of us. Thank you interns, Curtis and Andrew, for helping us out with this marvelous project! By Chiara De Santi


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  1. Dean says:

    It’s exciting to be part of this class. I love the enthusiasm of the students and being engaged with them in similar interest. Wednesday’s have become my favorite day of the week.

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