Going homemade pasta!

Dean Messina demonstrating how the pasta maker works.

This week, we had a wonderful hands-on experience: homemade pasta! I have to tell the truth: I’ve never made homemade pasta before! Many people think that because I am Italian, I know how to make it by hand. Far form the truth! This has not been part of my family tradition, so I had no idea how to make it. At least, until last Wednesday, October 12th, when Dean taught us how to make gluten free cavatelli and non-gluten free fettuccine. It was a wonderful journey and a family-like experience in a small kitchen that might host all of us, namely almost 20 adults! This proves that we can cook anywhere! And well, yes, we enjoyed making pasta together, which we ate with tomato sauce (Italian way) and a mix of grated parmesan (parmigiano) and pecorino romano. Some of us ate the Nutella samples that Dean super-kindly brought us after the pasta, while most of us could not resist and ate them right at the beginning of the class. Don’t tell anybody: I ate Nutella with my fingers and it was so much fun! It brought back memories of my college years. Very often, food works as a time machine: Proust’s madeleine is a beautiful literary example. Like a madeleine triggers memories from the past, so the idea of homemade pasta might be full of nostalgia and memories, bringing back a past world where nonni (grandparents) were used to making pasta more frequently than today. Thank you, Dean, for teaching us how to make pasta and supporting us in this gastronomic voyage through the centuries. Yes, in fact, this week we talked about Italian (maccheroni) eaters and makers in Naples in the 1700s. And next week we will still be in Naples with the Pizza Margherita and a guest faculty speaker who will talk about… Well, that will be a surprise! Stay tuned and see you next week! By Chiara De Santi


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  1. Dean says:

    FUN! FUN! FUN! Class. I was very impressed at how the students weren’t afraid to get in and get their hands dirty (really flour, not dirt). I love being part of this class, I am learning as much as the students. Thank you (Grazie) Professor Chiara for having asked me to be part of this wonderful class. And thank you (Grazie) for the pasta cookbook, I read all the comments and they are wonderful. I will definitely cherish that cookbook more than any others I have.

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