Eating Futurist!

Last Wednesday, we had a wonderful experience in the classroom: we ate, cooked, and thought Futurist! Yes, we did it!! Since we have been reading about Fascism and its eating habits, it was quite fascinating to learn how Futurism, an artistic movement born in Italy at the beginning of 20th century, had its own gastronomic manifesto written by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. The manifesto actually proclaimed itself against… PASTA!!! Can you imagine?!?!? So, yes, in the classroom no pasta! At home I prepared a couple of interesting desserts: Dates in Moonlight and Mafarka Pudding. I have to say, the Mafarka Pudding did not find great support among the students. Do you know why? Well, the recipe asks for orange flower water, which is similar to the rose water that we used for a Renaissance pudding that most of the students also disliked quite a bit. Believe me: I did not add the entire amount called for by the recipe, yet the taste was still quite… soapy! So, the Mafarka Pudding ended up quite miserably in the garbage can. The Dates in Moonlight were slightly more appreciated, but honestly, I could see the students thinking: what were these Futurists doing and eating?!?! Our Futurist journey did not finish here. We divided the class into three groups, and each group had to prepare one additional dish: Risotto Trinacria (Brianna, Chelsea, Molly, and Joseph), Spring Paradox (RJ, Bridget,  Jenna, and Katie), and Divorced Eggs (David, Leah M., Melissa, Sam, and Jess). If you are curious about the recipes, here they are (week twelve):


While in the kitchen, I repeatedly heard the students whispering: this is so weird! I really wanted that they had an experience. It was not simply about the preparation of a dish, but also its composition. An artistic composition, as the picture of the Spring Paradox shows. I wanted them to experience the arts behind Futurism itself. And I think we reached the goal: we had a quite unusual experience in the classroom! By Chiara De Santi


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  1. Dean says:

    Not my favorite class speaking the sense of food, but an interesting take on gastronomy. Orange water is as uninspiring as the rose water was. I’m not swearing off pasta just yet.


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