A Show Case, a Thanksgiving celebration, and FREDChef… all in two days!


The week before Thanksgiving was quite exciting. First of all, we had the Show Case of the course on November 15th from 6 to 7 pm. Some of the Italian Food Culture in Practice students, our interns, our regular chef, campus students, Fredonia faculty and staff, and members of the local community joined us. They enjoyed a snack: Nutella croissants and ciambellone, a cake whose recipe is listed among the recipes on this website (see week one). Then, on November 16th, as a class we were able to enjoy some Thanksgiving celebrations together as a community and almost as a family. The students, divided into seven groups, came to class with a dish to share and brimming with excitement. The seven dishes – it was not the dinner of the seven fishes, but the dinner of the seven dishes – prepared by the students were delicious, tasty, and for sure made with dedication and attention. This generated a momentum of joy and sharing. However, the momentum did not end there. After the celebrations, still on the same day, we all moved to the Williams Center for the FREDChef competition. Team Italy, made up of David, Melissa, and Brianna (in the picture, from left to right, between Dean and me) competed with other groups, one of them including Chelsea (with the orange t-shirt). It was a fantastic experience and we were so happy that David’s parents and grandmother were able to join us. The students had so much fun, although I heard some saying “That’s ridiculous!” and then laughing a lot! The team Chelsea was part of won the competition, while for Team Italy it was a victory as well, because there are no failures, only learning experiences, and for all of us this was incredible! By Chiara De Santi


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