This course is the result of collaboration both on campus and extending beyond. Off campus, Dr. De Santi has received precious suggestions from Dr. Tania Convertini (Dartmouth College), Dr. Gianluca Rizzo (Colby College), Dr. Grazia Menechella (University of Wisconsin-Madison), and Dr. Teresa Lobalsamo (University of Toronto-Mississauga). Dr. De Santi also gained meaningful insights in participating in conferences both in the U.S. and abroad, where such courses have begun to be the subject of scholarly attention.

At the State University of New York at Fredonia, Dr. De Santi has been supported by numerous divisions and individuals, who will make this course possible. Without the generous financial support of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and of the Honors Program, Italian Food Culture in Practice could not be offered. In particular, she offers deep thanks to Dr. Roger Byrne (Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), who was the first to believe in this project. When Dr. De Santi first mentioned the course to him in January of 2015, Dr. Byrne immediately supported the course, offering funding to purchase kitchen tools. With a shared vision, Dr. Byrne has been supportive throughout the process and just recently offered his support to help fund the purchase of groceries. Similarly essential support has come from Dr. David Kinkela (Director of the Honors Program) and Dr. Alex Caviedes (Interim Director of the Honors Program in the spring of 2016). Dr. Kinkela has been especially enthusiastic and supportive since first hearing of the course in the fall of 2015. A special thank-you goes to Mr. Dean Messina (Director of Dining Services at Fredonia), who has been the most insightful collaborator and team player on the food side one can have. Other people who have cooperated at various stages and in various ways with Dr. De Santi deserve special thanks for their support, help, and vision: Dr. Juan De Urda (Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures) and Dr. Carmen Rivera (Interim Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences) have given special support in different stages of the project. A final thank to Mr. Darin Schulz (Executive Director of the Faculty Student Association) for letting us using a professional kitchen for our final dinner.

Support and help have also come from Jeffrey Walter, Kathryn Thies, Mark Kinney, and Linda Kurgan Monaco (Dining Services), Colleen Holcomb (Kasling Hall Director), Richard MacKenzie (Kasling Hall), Kathy Forster (Residence Halls’ Director), Jeffrey McMinn (Bookstore), Tracy Horth and Stephanie Teachman (Deans’ Office, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences), Roger Coda (Marketing and Communications), Mark Mackey (Interim ResNet Coordinator), Katharine Bixby (University Police), Ann Carden (Communication), Jeanne Frerichs (Sociocultural and Justice Sciences), and Jonathan Chausovsky (Politics and International Affairs).

To help assemble a suitable collection of kitchen tools, friends and colleagues from the local community and across campus have offered their incredible support: Alice Schulenberg (community member), Mary Margaret Fogarty, Ed and Kathy Kolodziej, Diane Everett, and Chiara De Santi herself (World Languages and Cultures), Neil Feit (Philosophy), Julia Wilson (Mathematics), Ivani Vassoler (Politics and World Affairs), Shazad Mohammed (Business Administration), and Daniela Peterka-Benton (Sociocultural and Justice Sciences). Thanks also to De Santi’s colleague, Laurie Detenbeck, with whom she shares her office: all of the kitchen tools and appliances are currently stored on their bookshelves and cabinets.

Throughout the semester, we enjoyed the presence of guest speakers, such as Terri and Carmen from the ice-cream shop in Dunkirk, The Big Dipper, and Dr. Jonathan Chausovsky from the Department of Politics and International Affairs. A big thank to them! We also thank Amber and Kevin Powell for having contributed to the class with local wine grapes and Cynthia and Barbara Yochym with the Concord grapes.

Teaching and learning is a shared experience and this course really seeks to exemplify this concept. Click here to learn more about the Fredonia Honors Program.