jess2Jessica Bolsei is a fifth year accounting student with a dual major in public accounting and finance. She loves Italian food, as well as cooking, both of which prompted her to take the class. Jessica has actually traveled to Italy, where she became fascinated with the people, their culture, and of course, the food. After taking Dr. De Santi’s honor’s course on Italian History and Culture, she wanted to learn even more about the country.


Bridget Catania is a third year student with major in Scenic Design.


Brianna Condon is a senior psychology major and sociology minor at Fredonia State. She plans to return to school to receive her masters in social work next fall. Brianna has previously taken an honors food course before and it “completely changed” her way of thinking when it comes to food. She loved the hands-on component of that class and is hoping to experience more of it with Italian Food Culture. Also, she is half Italian, so she is ready to learn more about her culture and how to prepare their foods.


Sam Duttry is a second year Childhood Inclusive Education major with a concentration in history and a minor in Film Studies. As someone who is very interested in Italian history, Sam is excited to learn more about the country’s cuisine. She also wants to gain an appreciation for the culture and to feel like she has “traveled to Italy from the comfort of Fredonia.”

David Even is a marketing and economics dual major going into his third year, also his last. He is taking the class because he wants to learn more about the Italian culture, especially since he is 25% Italian himself. David says that he “loves to cook” even though he doesn’t have much experience with it. The class will definitely provide him with a great learning opportunity!



Jenna Giammalvo is a senior music education major with a concentration in voice. She is really excited to take the class and learn more about her heritage, as she is 100% Italian and has been raised celebrating her culture. Jenna also wants to be able to pass on the different Italian foods to her family.


Melissa Goggin is a senior Music Therapy Major with a minor in Psychology. She took this class because she loves to cook and is “always excited to learn how to make new dishes.” She also figured that it would be a fun class for her last semester here at Fredonia State.





Joseph Grieco is a Molecular Genetics major with a dual minor is Anthropology and Chemistry. He is a senior that is taking the class in hopes of “learning the culture behind traditional Italian dishes.” He also wants to learn how to cook inexpensive and easy meals.






Molly Kalasinski is a senior Molecular Genetics major with a minor in Psychology. She enjoys cooking and likes hands-on learning, so this class is perfect for her. She hopes to learn how to make some new Italian dishes and pick up some new cooking techniques.







Danielle Kelly is a junior Early Childhood/Childhood Education dual major with a concentration in English. She is enrolled in the class because she is interested in Italian culture and wants to immerse herself in the culinary aspect of it all.





Katie Layer is a junior early childhood/childhood dual major with a concentration in math. She decided to take the course in order to learn more about Italian food and culture, as well as to experience cooking Italian dishes.







Curtis Lord is a senior Public Relations major with a minor in English. He is currently interning for the class to get experience running social media and blogging, as that’s what he would like to do after he graduates. He also loves Italian food, so the class is perfect for him.





chelsea.jpgChelsea May is a senior biology major. She’s taking the class because her mother’s family is Italian and Sicilian and cooking is a very important part of their life. Chelsea hopes to learn more about the areas in Italy that her family is from and prepare their traditional foods.






Andrew Mertens is a senior video production major with a minor in criminal justice. He is an intern for the Italian Cuisine Honors class where he films the class and creates videos for each week. Last semester he was in Film Form with Professor De Santi and she told the class about this internship opportunity and he jumped at it right away. Andrew thought it seemed like a great chance to enhance his videography skills as well as his editing skills.



leah-mLeah Minio is a third year student with double major in Social Work and Sociology, and Minors in Applied Music and Women & Gender Studies.







RJ Spinella is a senior exercise science major who is taking the honors class as he needed an honors seminar and thought the course sounded interesting. He also thinks that it could teach him some practical skills that will be useful for the rest of his life.







Leah Wacienga is a Audio/Radio Production and Music Industry double major. She’s taking the course not only because it is an honors course, but because she has a genuine interest in cooking and would love to learn more about Italian cuisine.